Check it out: Visiting Cannes Film Festival and Monaco Grand Prix

OMEGA4 (Large)

Cannes Film Festival: May 14 – 25, 2019

Monaco Grand Prix: May 23 – 26, 2019

For the majority of us it is a dream! To combine the Cannes Film Festival with the Grand Prix in Monaco. A friend is promoting a new and exciting way to get in touch with both events. You just need a yacht – that’s it!

Antisan_fromAbobe (Large)Omega-Airshot-Cruising (Large)


Gabriel Rius, Owner of Luxury Yachting Travel

After hiring one nobody will stop you by checking out who is walking the red carpet in Cannes and watching the Monaco Grand Prix from your personal deck space. Gabriel Rius, the owner of can prepare every detail for you with a special designed package.

For the 2 Mega Events he would suggest Cannes from May, 18 till the morning of May, 22, 2019 in order to arrive to Monaco on time. For Monaco Grand Prix you will stay at the harbour of Monte Carlo, Monaco till May 27, 2019.

The interior of the Yachts:

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Don’t forget, the harbour of Monte Carlo is closed during the Grand Prix. No boat can get in or out during this period.


This is it, what expects you in Monte Carlo! Credit: Monaco Government Communication Department

“We are promoting the Yacht Alalunga and also Omega. Both are already in the area. Regarding the availability for the event and in case they are already booked we will supply a similar one”, says Rius.

Do you want to attend another great event on a glamorous and exclusive way? Gabriel Rius and his partner prepare every detail for you with a special package. And in case you need something different, they can always customize a package exclusively for you to match your needs with attention to details. When you mention sl4lifestyle you will get a 5 Percent discount on the trip.

For further questions:

Mobile: +66 853054538

Ready for the Red Carpet in Cannes? This is what you will see at the International Film Festival!

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Credits: Palais Herve Fabre, Cannes

Credits: Luxury Yachting Travel

Unpaid Promotion. All opinions are my own.


Über sl4lifestyle

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Eine Antwort zu Check it out: Visiting Cannes Film Festival and Monaco Grand Prix

  1. kormoranflug schreibt:

    Auf den roten Teppich geht es auch ohne Yacht. Hauptsache der Film und die Schauspieler sind gut. Der Yachtmeter kostet bei der Anschaffung zwischen 1.000,- und 3.000,-€/m.

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