Japan: Women pay to have men

Kisses are forbidden!

Kisses are forbidden!

It is a new trend in Japan. Women can hire boyfriends or “Cuddle partners” to sleep with them, but sex is strictly off limits.

It started in Tokyo in 2011, after a divorced woman, who has trouble sleeping at night, discovered that simply lying next to a man brought her a peaceful sleep. So, she started a business which rents young men to lonely sleepless women.

The trend caught on like fire. The non-sexual rent-a-date service for men has been around for some time, but the one for women, known as Soinye-Ya, is believed to be the first.

Women select a partner from a gallery of handsome young men and then pay the company to deliver the guy for a peaceful nights keep. Prices range from 287 Euro for the seven-hour-standard plan to 457 Euro for 12 hours. Services include sleeping in the man’s arms, escort for a date, helping with simple cleaning tasks and pampering you.

The agreement forbids sex, touching of genitals or reaching under his clothes, showering together, kissing or other intimate contact, secret filming or anything that could sexually arouse the man.

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