Kurz nachgebellt: Letter from Sharla

Sharla, my lovely friend from Michigan, send me a wonderful letter and a very special present. The letter is about her young puppy Candy, who is one of my 4-legged-friends. I am so touched and happy by that kindness.

But look at it and read!

Thanks Sharla, Thanks, Candy!

Dear Gaston,

we are so thankful for your kind heart. Sending your friends updates and post cards really makes our day!  When you picked my girl Candy to send a post card during a difficult stage in her life it really cheered us all up!

She was so excited when we took her to the mailbox and she saw a post card in there for her! Candy has a little thing called bug phobia. She has to wear a shirt all the time or she gets scared that bugs will get her. This was caused by a horse fly attack she received at 4 months old.

Candy is now 6 months old and she is trying to get over her fear daily. She was struggling with this during the time you sent her a post card and it is getting better daily. You were a big part of cheering her up!  Thank you for being such a role model to all of us dog parents and to our dogs, and for being a kind hearted and loving soul.

We love you and appreciate all the fun you bring to us!  I am Candy’s mom Sharla. I was so touched by your handsome photos and kind heart ways that I decided to make you and your mom a little gift from us here in Michigan.  

I hope you enjoy it! This photo of you just melted all our hearts so I decided I had to do something memorable to it for you and mom!  I plan to hang it in our doggie bathroom soon along with our dogs photo artwork that I made too!

Thank you for being such an awesome Vizsla and making everyone´s day so filled with sunshine and fun! We look forward to all the good that comes your way because you deserve it. You’re a rare breed and you touch a lot of hearts! 

This was made with lots of love and hugs and kisses! 

Your Michigan Pals!

signed (Large)


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2 Antworten zu Kurz nachgebellt: Letter from Sharla

  1. Lexi schreibt:

    What a lovely picture! Such a sweet letter. It is wonderful to know you are able to make so many dogs and people happy! That’s my Gaston! Love you! ❤

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