EXPO 2015 – Korea Pavilion

L1170134 (Large) L1170132 (Large)The Korea Pavilion at the EXPO 2015 will address various food-related issues that mankind is currently facing. Discussing these issues will help increase awareness and offer a direction to a reliable solution.

Everyone has a type of food that he or she enjoys. The countless different types of food based on one’s culture, environment and preference make it hard to even distinguish among them.

How will you eat?

What will you eat?

How long can it be sustained?

The reason for this questions is that the food we eat everyday sustains our bodies, makes our lives and forms the cultures we belong to.L1170130 (Large) L1170128 (Large)The architecture of the Korea Pavilion was inspired by the design of a moon jar, traditional Korean ceramic porcelain. The name comes from its moon-like shape and milky-white color. Ceramic traditions transformed grain bowls into these beautiful porcelain pieces. The curvature and subtle accents lend to the overall feeling of simplicity and harmonious balance with the surrounding environment. While the EXPO Milan site has been designed with a inspired Roman geometric structure, the Korea Pavilion has been planned with an organic traditional Korean shape. In this way it conveys a message of harmony between East and West.L1170133 (Large)

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