Greece: Checking in to Alexandros Palace at Mount Athos

Alexandros_Palace_144 BEACH BAR (Large)After a two hours drive from the airport in Thessaloniki, Greece I arrive at the beach of Ouranoupoli near the holy area of Mount Athos. I am very tired and I am looking forward to have a rest in my suite at Alexandros Palace Hotel right across the beach.Alexandros_Palace_020POOL BAR (Large)It is built on a green slope, with a view to the sea and the beach which is lined with pine trees. The whole hotel area has about 60.000 sqare meters and is like a picturesque, sea-side village with small white houses. My apartment has a great view to the water, overlooking Ammouliani Island.

I decide to rest for some hours. After I spend the evening at the hotel pool and in the terrace bar above. There is a huge fruit plate at the outside table of my room. Before I relax I take some input of fruity vitamins.Alexandros_Palace_082 (Large)I am a swimmer and I love hotel pools which are big enough to do my laps. Here I will go at least twice a day swimming, in the morning and in the evening. Those are the best ways to start and to end my days.Alexandros_Palace_069POOL (Large)For dinner I decide to go to Athos Restaurant, some minutes away by taxi. It is a typical Greek fish restaurant specialised in monk’s cuisine of Mount Athos. Most of the monks are getting very old due to their nutritious food which is without any meat but with fish, seafood and always fresh vegetables.Alexandros_Palace_077 (Large)I am dining outside with a view to the sea. Just eating seafood with potatoes and vegetables, which is a real treat. For dessert I have a portion of thick Greek Yoghurt with almonds and honey sauce. I remember my recent talk with Thessaloniki based Jotta Mitsiou-Polychronidou, who has her own cooking show in television. She told me about Athos restaurant and the bar terrace of Alexandros Palace at night, which I should not miss.

Indeed, I end the evening with a glass of red Algodon wine from Mount Athos. I am meeting Sophia, the daughter of the hotel owner. She told me about her exciting life with her band Season of Ghosts and as a singer in Japan where she lived and worked for a couple of years.Double Room 2 (Large)

With singer Sophia (left) and her friend.

With singer Sophia (left) and her friend.

Here are a few suggestions for when you are there:

Make a cruise along the coast of Mount Athos with Athos Sea Cruises.

Visit the ruins of the Monastery of Zygou right at the big wall which separates the holy mountain from the outside world.

Shop around in Ouranoupoli and get a Byzantine Icon at Tamvakis, olive oil, wine or incense sticks.

sl4lifestyle was welcomed to Alexandros Palace Hotel and Athos Restaurant as a guest. My opinion is as always my own.

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4 Antworten zu Greece: Checking in to Alexandros Palace at Mount Athos

  1. Greece … my favorite country! I love it, as you perhaps know, Sabine. I wrote some very funny blogs about my travels to Greece 🙂

    • sl4lifestyle schreibt:

      Ich war leider nur ein paar Tage dort. Ich habe Deinen Blog-Post gelesen und kann mir vorstellen, warum Du das Land und seine Menschen so magst. Du hast die perfekte Gastfreundschaft erlebt.
      Schönes Wochenende!

      • Ich fliege im September wieder hin. Meine Tochter bereits heute Nacht…. für sage und schreibe 5 Wochen! Nicht in ein Hotel, nein, sie ist eingeladen von Griechen! Das nenne ich Gastfreundschaft! 🙂
        Kalo Savatokyriako, schönes Wochenende auch dir, liebe Sabine. 🙂

  2. sl4lifestyle schreibt:

    Danke, liebe Suse!

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