International Dog Day – 26. August 2015

075 Shelter 2 (Large)080 Shelter 2 (Large)International Dog Day serves to help galvanize the public to recognize the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year, and acknowledges family dogs and dogs that work selflessly each day to save lives, keep us safe and bring comfort. We should support all breeds and varieties of dogs and discourage purchasing from unethical backyard breeders and puppy mills; instead, support reputable breeders or adopt from rescue homes.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERATake time to appreciate the love and value that dogs bring to our daily lives, and to do your bit for homeless and abused dogs the world over. From keeping us safe working for the emergency services to supporting people who are blind, deaf or disabled, dogs do a lot for us humans, and this is an opportunity to give something back.

Über sl4lifestyle

Journalistin aus Leidenschaft, Tierschützerin mit Hingabe und neugierig auf das Leben. Ich stelle Fragen. Ich suche Antworten. Und ab und zu möchte ich die Welt ein Stückweit besser machen ... Manchmal gelingt es!
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7 Antworten zu International Dog Day – 26. August 2015

  1. ODIE schreibt:

    It is wonderful that there are people that support the animals in need. My Mommy addopted 2 bunnies from a rescue home and 2 cats from a bad home. They are living a wonderful life at our house. They get treeted like kings/queens. They get fully recovered and all the medical needs they have are getting paid. Have a wonderful DOG DAY. with Love Odie

    • sl4lifestyle schreibt:

      Odie, you make my day. Your Mommy is a real treasure. Are you not jealous of the cats and bunnies? Yours, Gaston.

      • ODIE schreibt:

        Hello Gaston. No. Actually I do get along with all Spezies. I accept and respect every kind / type of animal. 2 legs, 4 legs, no legs, fur, feathers, scales. My vet always says that is not normal for a dog to make friends with ALL animals. So he says I do not know that I am dog. I do know that I am a dog, I just don’t mind the others and let them be. So I snuggle the cats, the bunnies and the cats and the bunnies snuggle as well. We are all a big happy family. Yours Odie

        P. S. Our bunny Thumper does not like my mommy very much. He always bites her. He never bit me or the cats. :-))

      • sl4lifestyle schreibt:

        Oh, poor Mommy! Indeed, I admire you, Odie, you have this kind of typical Buddhist behaviour. I am not like this, normally I want to be in the first place. I know I am egoistic. You really have to tell me more about your way of placidity! Hugs, yours Gaston.

      • ODIE schreibt:

        The vet says I do not know that I am a dog. That is why I do not behave like a dog. When our bunnies had babies I was the only one allowed to put my nose into the nest. I licked all the babies and the bunny mommy let me. That is pur trust and love. I am extra ordinary. My mommy says I am an angel that came down to earth from above to watch over my mommy. I guess I am needed here. yours Odie

      • sl4lifestyle schreibt:

        Odie, Du bist ein Engel. Ein schöner mit blondem Lockenhaar! Dein Gaston.

      • ODIE schreibt:

        Danke für deine lieben Worte. GLG Odie
        P.S. Ich wünsche dir ein schönes Wochende und tolle Mädels.

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