A Life well travelled

Travel3My years of travelling the world have shaped the person I’ve become today. Doing things alone can be immensely therapeutic: A solo visit to the cinema can help you really appreciate movies, a solitary walk can be a rare opportunity to think, and traveling by yourself can be an incredible opportunity for self-discovery and personal growth.

I’ve got a well worn passport and a load of experiences in my head. Travelling means the world to me, it’s given me so much, so many lessons about life. It’s helped me gain an open mind and a better understanding of my place in the world and I’m so lucky about those opportunities.

First of all, I have learned to appreciate and experience the way other people live. And I got a better understanding of the world. The more you broaden your horizons with travel, the better you can understand what makes a life rich. The value of my possessions doesn’t matter anymore so much to me as before. Indeed, I am having a lot of clothes and nice things – and I’m grateful for that! But nice possessions aren’t wonderful memories – and when I reflect on my life, I don’t recall how much that one Designer scarf contributed to my life compared to a great sunset somewhere in the mountains. How lovely was it to listen to music with that special friend in this exotic location? How much did I laugh when this hilarious thing happened on that train journey to wherever? I tend to give away things to anyone who’ll take them – because so often our possessions can hold us back from being mobile.  If I accidentally lose something, it doesn’t matter anymore. At least not so much as before. My travels have given me this perspective.

Planning at the last minute, taking chances and going with the flow are all part of the fun when it comes to visiting somewhere new. You never know what unexpected thrill could be right around the corner. I remember when Sue and I were meeting in Venice recently. I spontaneously decided to travel for two nights to Northern Italy and on that trip, we saw some more friends of mine and we all had an unforgettable time. Maybe it was the spontaneity that made it so exciting!

I love making new connections when I’m travelling. People all have lives that are so unique – and wherever people come from – there’s always some happiness to be shared. It’s these connections that put life in perspective and are reminder that everyone can search for the key of happiness itself.

Authentic travel experiences can change who you are, they can give you strength and help you see the world in a new light. Those are all things travel has taught me. You just have to try it!

Über sl4lifestyle

Journalistin aus Leidenschaft, Tierschützerin mit Hingabe und neugierig auf das Leben. Ich stelle Fragen. Ich suche Antworten. Und ab und zu möchte ich die Welt ein Stückweit besser machen ... Manchmal gelingt es!
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2 Antworten zu A Life well travelled

  1. malindkate schreibt:

    You speak to me from my soul. True words 🙂

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