My blue shirt

DSC_1243 (Large)It’s one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, now go, cat, go. But don’t you step on my blue suede shirt. You can do anything but lay off my blue suede shirt ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫. 

Pretty cliché but seems fitting considering my wonderful blue shirt. And it has a story involved!

During my study in the US I got to know Dianne. She became a good friend of me. We went to the library, studied together, encouraged each other before examinations and shared the same parties. Dianne was older than me and she told me about her time as a hippie in the early 1970s. She could tell so many interesting stories! It was always fun to have her around. In the 1970s she even travelled by car to India, passing Pakistan, Afghanistan … the route of the hippies with lots of spirit, energy and happiness.

After finishing our studies we did not see each other for as many as 12 years. Finally I visited her again in the US. And she told me that she has a present for me. She got it from under her bed. It has been stored in a vacuum-seal bag. And she said she kept it for me. Only for me! She handed the parcel to me and I opened it. It was the blue shirt. I could not believe it.

It was originally from the end of the 1960s from some boutique in New York City. And it was, yeah, original VINTAGE. I tried it on and it suited me right away. It was mine! I did not know how I could thank Dianne. She really made me happy. Until today the shirt has kind of a honour place in my wardrobe. I only wear it at special occasions. And when I wear it I am thinking of my friend Dianne and the days and party nights we spent together. Long, long time ago …

Disclosure: I may or may not have altered the King’s lyrics. Xo

Photos: Inge Schroeder

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9 Antworten zu My blue shirt

  1. Nacho schreibt:

    You are looking great! Natch

  2. Anita schreibt:

    Liebe Sabine, tolle Geschichte und großartige Bilder. Danke dir. Have a great time.
    Herzliche Grüße aus Wien

  3. Alexander Lautsyus schreibt:

    It looks your hippie friend is interesting person with a great experience. How nice of her to save this lovely present for you. Wow… You are looking a little bit hippie in that blue shirt!

  4. Cool Shirt! Sexy and unbelieveable beautiful woman!! 😉

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