On a houseboat in Kerala: A slice of life

L1200234 (Large)An unforgettable tour on a houseboat in South India. Indeed, just beaming me back to the colonial times is always a dream of me for many years. And during a Backwaters trip in Kerala it came true: This slice of history. I still remember the harmony and peace which surrounded me while floating through the channels, with about 5 kph. We anchored in a very quiet side arm after we passed a small area of Lake Vembanad. I ventured off the boat before sunset, wandered along the lush green rice paddies, loosing my awareness of time. And after I watched how slowly the sun went down. Down to the waters, down to the rice fields, down to the simple wooden houses of the inhabitants. As every day. For centuries. For ever and ever again.L1200231 (Large)L1200205 (Large)

I have been the only guest at the houseboat which belongs to Somatheeram group, one of India’s leading Ayurveda resorts. There was the cook and the captain only. I got a huge variety of Vegetarian Food (which I ordered beforehand), made by cook Roji Vargees. He works for the last 4 years on the boat. „Mostly we get tourists from Europe, some also from the US“, he adds.L1200243 (Large)

„We cover now a distance of 35 Kilometers“, mentions Captain Anoob. Every guest can choose his own tour. „On a 3 days houseboat trip we go as far as 200 Kilometers in total.“I enjoyed a comfortable bedroom made out of bamboo and wood furniture, as well as a spacious modern bathroom. I saw a couple of houseboats crossing our way. They were big and small. Both. Normally the boats tied together with coir from the coconut palms. They have been the cargo boats carrying tons of materials in the past. The Somatheeram houseboats got only modified and altered the original structure.

My time at the houseboat was one of the best trips. Will be back, for sure. And for a longer period of time. Promise!L1200236 (Large)

The Tour I made with a Premium Houseboat, one bedroom only. The boats in different sizes belong to the Somatheeram Group, which supported my stay. But my opinion is as always my own.

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3 Antworten zu On a houseboat in Kerala: A slice of life

  1. Chaosvater schreibt:

    sieht von aussen gar nicht so luxuriös und gemütlich aus…..

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