5 Tips to be Happy


This girl from South Sudan seems to be happy – despite the poor life circumstances.

I always try to stay happy in life, no matter the circumstances. Of course, sometimes it is not easy. Not at all.

I’ve always been a quite positive person. Friends sometimes ask me how I can be so optimistic. It’s not that difficult. Indeed, most people think they can only be happy if they achieve something amazing or own a cool new car or they think they can only be happy once they’ve found love.

It’s all nice and good, but to be honest – you just don’t need any of the above to be happy. You just DECIDE to be happy. Today! Like you decide what you’re going to have for dinner tonight. You don’t have to do or achieve or own anything to allow yourself to be happy.
Have you ever caught yourself watching documentaries about third world countries and seeing kids there who don’t have anything and still seem to be so much happier than most of us here in Europe? It’s because they can live the moment. Most of us are so immersed into our problems that we forget how to enjoy life.

5 Tips to stay happy and spread happiness to others …

1. Live The Moment: That’s probably the most important thing. Remember, you don’t live in the past and you don’t live in the future – you live NOW.

2. Smile: It’s so important to smile. Just the mere act of doing it will make you feel better.

3. Be Grateful: Learn to appreciate what you already have. In life good and bad things happen to us all the time. If you learn to overlook the bad stuff and just focus on all the good things that happen to you, you’ll immediately feel much happier!

4. See The Big Picture: Just think: Will I still care about this problem which I have now in a month or even in a year’s time? You see, most problems seem so important and devastating when we have to deal with them, but if you look at your whole life in relation to this particular moment, you’ll see how tiny and irrelevant they actually are in the long term.

5. Read Happy Quotes: Sometimes it’s hard to stay positive. Life isn’t always a piece of cake, so you need to find a tool to build yourself back up when things don’t go according to plan.

Do you have more happy tips to add? Looking forward for your comments!

Photo: Enric Boixadós

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