Samahita Retreat: Paul Dallaghan


„I founded Samahita on Ko Samui in 2003. Everything started in Dublin, Ireland, where I come from. There I studied economics and business. I left the Irish capital with 22, went first to Germany for work and studying the language and then to Israel to stay at a Kibbuz. After I planned to work in New York City. When I was standing in front of the George Washington Monument in Wall Street I doubted that this way was the right one for me. I took off my tie and got a job in a restaurant in the East Village.


And I started to explore life in New York City. Almost immediately I went into Yoga. I just found it. And I felt at home. It was a process of about 3 years to let it turn around and become clear in my mind. Finally I was teaching Yoga in Manhattan for 5 years. My dream desire was to go deeper into it. I could either open a studio or deepen the learning of Yoga. I decided for latter, because I wanted to grow. I went to India and ended up living in Mysore.

I also went to Thailand in 2001. It was the time before any modern studios of Yoga. I had no dream for an own place. The place – Samahita Retreat – has grown from my study, practice, teaching and guests. Its first name in 2003 was Yoga Thailand. And it all began. The experience of Yoga is more than just time on a mat in a room. It is the feeling, the food, the environment, the people and the overall intention.

I am completing a PhD in Biological Anthropology at the University of Emory in Atlanta. In India, at the Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute in Lonavla near Pune, I do also research intervention for my study, which is all about yoga practices on various stress markers. At Samahita I live for about 4 to 5 months every year.


Despite of my economics degree I never saw a future for me in the business world of for example Wall Street. You are getting rich in 2 or 3 years and then what? I was always looking for more than just making money and a career. I was deeply interested in finding purpose and meaning in what I would do or work at.“

Paul Dallaghan, Founder of Samahita. He is from Ireland.

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  1. vlaevasharbour schreibt:

    What a wonderul story ! Love it !

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