Scuba Diving off Ko Lanta – Passion for a lifetime


Inspired by the sea! After many years I did it again: Exploring the magical underwater world.

I did it again: Scuba Diving. Before I dived all over the globe but it was many years ago. And suddenly I had the feeling I should go for it again. Why not?

I got my Open Water I license in Australia, diving the legendary Great Barrier Reef, off Cairns. It is a magical world down there, which attracted me again during my time now in Southern Thailand. Many islands dot the coastline off Krabi, offering a plethora of safe places for fish and coral to live and to grow. A number of these islands are only rock outcroppings without any beaches, making them ominous and stunning to look at and great for scuba diving and to experience the underwater life. There are many soft and hard corals that grow underwater and provide small cracks and crevices for fish and tiny crustaceans to hide in.


With Phoenix Divers I dived this time at Ko Ha, taking in the beautiful scenery of this amazing archipelago. It is a National Park. I went down to 30 meters with dive instructor Daniele Comin and his underwater camera. We saw many different fish species, as parrot fishes, pipe fishes and of course the laughing clown fish (you all heard of Nemo, didn’t you?).


Daniele Comin, dive instructor and owner of Phoenix Divers. His personal preferences: Hin Daeng and Hin Muang.

Daniele also teaches underwater photography and scuba diving of all levels. He worked with the school in Saladan on Ko Lanta for 5 years and took it over in May 2015. His favorite spots to dive are Hin Daeng and Hin Muang, which are ranked as some of the top dive sites in the world. These 2 underwater mountains just touch the surface in the middle of the open sea. There is a vast number of marine life, including Manta rays and blacktop reef sharks. „We close our diving center in May for Italy, where we offer diving courses at Venice Diving in Cavallino near Jesolo. We will be back in winter!“

Isn’t it worth a try? Cavallino and/or Ko Lanta?

Underwater Photos: Daniele Comin

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3 Antworten zu Scuba Diving off Ko Lanta – Passion for a lifetime

  1. johanna.vol schreibt:

    Sieht nach einer tollen Erfahrung aus! 🙂 Ich selbst war bisher nur in Ägypten tauchen.

  2. vlaevagraphy schreibt:

    Wonderful !!!!! *-*

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