Art Deco Fashion Secrets: The 1930s


I just saw pictures of the recent carnival season. Funny! Sexy!

But what I missed most was a certain style. Or a certain elegance. Since I have been in Napier I am fascinated by the Art Deco era. There I met dedicated Vintage fashionistas who gave me some tipps to build an Art Deco Costume. It was really stunning and I want to share them with you, together with some corresponding pictures.


Start with a simple dress or frock. Plain, pastel with a small floral print. A shift dress with a little sleeve or if preferred sleeveless , both are ideal, appropriate length should be below the knee.


Now the most important accessory is a matching hat, in a shade to compliment the dress. A brim for shade is ideal. You may wear a cloche, which is brimless and is a tighter fit over your head. Add a lovely flower or a distinctive trim of ribbon or scarf. Attach with a hat pin on the side of the crown. Don’t forget to try hats on with your glasses to ensure a comfortable fit.


Shoes can be a pale color to match with your choice of hat. Choose a Mary Jane Style or Tee-Strap like a dance shoe with closed in toe. Ballet flat or court shoe will work perfectly as well. A lovely tip is to tie a ribbon around the instep of your foot, then slip your shoes on giving you an instant strap effect.


Gloves are appropriate and a wonderful addition to an outfit if they are crocheted or lace in a shade to compliment you chosen accessoiries. Jewelry is important and may really enhance your frock. You can’t go wrong with white, cream or colored pearl beads, perhaps a long strand that can be wrapped around your neck doubled as an alternative look.


Matching earrings, a little drop is ideal, even a pearl bracelet to finish. For an authentic touch use vintage pieces from 1920s to 1930s. The typical eyewear or sunglasses, common for this period, are usually a small round shape. Metal/tortoise shell faux rims are the most ideal.


Make up can be a simple skin tone foundation with rouged cheeks, pale eye shadow, kohl eye pencil and a shade of red for the lips, with a pale colored finger nail polish. Your hairstyle may be simpler to just wear a Bob style wig to avoid having to drastically change your current style.


And now, just go for it! Become an Art Deco 1930s Fashion Victim!

My thanks to the Art Deco shop owners and designers of Napier. Visiting your city was one of my highlights in New Zealand.

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4 Antworten zu Art Deco Fashion Secrets: The 1930s

  1. Miss Gentileschi schreibt:

    I just looove the 1930´s! The hats, the dresses, the music – just perfect! Great post! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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