Not all those that wander are lost


It’s a large old world out there. So unless reincarnation rapidly becomes legal then you have got one shot to experience as much as you can.

Our ancestors were born, lived and died in their villages. Getting anywhere was either done on foot, by boat or involved horses.

We are not constraint anymore, the next town, the next country are all within our easy grasp for the price of a night on the tiles. We are lords of our domain. We are our own travel agents. You want to go to France? You can book flights or busses from the shitter by prodding your fingers at your phone. Yours with a little bit of clacketly clack on a notebook.

Travel strengthens the soul and makes your mind glow. Whether you are just exploring other parts of Europe for the first time or going deep overseas to a place where you hope there will be adventures in finding out.

There are adventures for every budget. From the high end cocktail laden Maldive experience to the bargain rental car, maybe with a surfboard on top of it.

Getting out there, being amongst it, meeting new people, sampling new foods, experiencing other cultures and finding new places to slide is key.

If you are lucky enough to be on the frontiers, the edges of the known where there aren’t many people, then immerse yourself in the majesty of nature. Don’t instagram it. Just enjoy it.

Travelling gives us character. And we live a life well lived. Being on the road is where you get the anecdotes for when you are old and have somebody else to inspire for the life you lived.

Get inspired by adventures and then go and have one yourself.

Just try it!

What was your best adventure so far?


Über sl4lifestyle

Journalistin aus Leidenschaft, Tierschützerin mit Hingabe und neugierig auf das Leben. Ich stelle Fragen. Ich suche Antworten. Und ab und zu möchte ich die Welt ein Stückweit besser machen ... Manchmal gelingt es!
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2 Antworten zu Not all those that wander are lost

  1. embracevulnerability schreibt:

    Wunderschön geschrieben 🙂

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