The destiny of a roof-top puppy


He is still a puppy. No dog deserves a life like him. I saw him first on November 2, 2017 on a roof across the main cemetery at Guanajuato, Mexico. He lives on a very short lead and I am afraid he remains there all day since his animal feces are all around his small hut. I discovered this dog when I travelled around Mexico.  I put myself in contact with US volunteers of a local animal organization and they put the story on their agenda for investigation. We are going to work on it and we won’t give up. Latest news from an US volunteer from the animal organization:

„I just talked with J. about the roof-top dog. She told me there have been numerous complaints about the owners of the dog and that the people from Animal Control visited the house. But the current law does not permit the authorities to remove even a mistreated dog from a home without the owners‘ permission, and the owners have refused to give up the dog. J. is going to speak with the head of Animal Control again today to see if anything else can be done. One thing we might do is inform the major daily newspaper about the problem and encourage them to publish an article about it. This might shame the owners into taking care of the dog or giving it up for adoption.“

Recent statement of a Volunteer of the animal organization

I am back home now but still working on this case. The animal organization is keeping me posted. If you are interested in that case I can share the follow up informations with you.

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