Puppy Love

“A dog is a heart on four legs.”

Irish Proverb

My neighbour Gosha cannot only bake cakes! No, she also has a heart for animal’s protection. The last days were crazy. Gosha met during her stay in Poland a dog in a real state of emergency. After many worries, rescue procedures and her strong will Misiek („Bear“) came to Germany. And with the precious help of others he found already his forever dream home with 2 bigger sisters.

Well, a heart on four legs embodies a feeling that dog lovers have known for ages. From the very first moment of cuddling the new pet, whether you are a child or a grown-up, a beautiful friendship begins to blossom. That’s because cats, dogs and other pets understand us without a word – and never lecture us.

We can share all of our deepest secrets and they listen patiently, without judgement, even when they have heard it all so many times before. No matter whether you are rambling on again about that irritating know-it-all at work, swooning over the cute guy or trying to continue living with a post-breakup broken heart: Isn’t your puppy’s paw or your kitty’s nose so much more comforting than any human friend or family member’s well intended words of advice?

Research has actually shown that dogs perceive language in the same brain regions as humans do – maybe that’s why we feel like they understand us so well! But it’s not just dogs: Caring for and interacting with many different kinds of animals, from fish to hamsters, build up children’s confidence and self esteem. Pets bring so much joy and give such unconditional love to young and old alike – it’s no wonder that’s so many of us are so happy living side by side with them.

By the way, Misiek has a new name: Mogli!

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Eine Antwort zu Puppy Love

  1. Magdalena schreibt:

    Misiek is incredible ❤️

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