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From Arizona to New Mexico – A Photo Diary

I love driving in the US. And I must admit I miss it. My last US road trip was in 2014, travelling through Louisiana, Texas and New Mexico. Now my university friend Gwynneth sent me some photos of her road … Weiterlesen

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The first time

You think, you have been there, seen this and that and you will never really experience something for the first time. No! Open your eyes, dare to stray off the path and show a little courage! When we travel we … Weiterlesen

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Living an adventurous life

A trip around the world is an adventure, but so is my and our everyday life. Living an adventurous life is about pushing myself out of my comfort zone and trying new things. I also love sitting in my house … Weiterlesen

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What I am, what I need

„To me, travelling is about creating yourself through wandering, finding adventure and letting it find you, gaining the courage to travel alone, exploring the unknown, conquering your fears, getting your heart broken by harsh realities, and falling in love endlessly … Weiterlesen

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Travelling the world with friends

Having a friend you have a genuine connection with is just wonderful. You can share travel memories, laughs and tears. Beside this it can be a beautiful and challenging relationship for personal growth and adventure. Sometimes I am travelling the … Weiterlesen

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