Check in: Nikki Beach, Koh Samui


I do like good clubs. And when they are in a tropical destination even better. The concept of Nikki Beach I experienced for the first time in Saint Tropez, Southern France.


And yet, the island of Koh Samui has to offer another one of those extravagant beach clubs, which build up their reputation for more than 20 years. With worldwide locations at seaside places such as Miami, Mallorca, Ibiza and Dubai.


Nikki Beach Koh Samui is not only a destination for a day chilling in the pool, walking on the beach or dancing to the sounds of the DJs. It is also an 48-room beach resort, where the accommodations are set into 2 separate wings with the beach club at the center.

There are posh garden and seaside villas, pool access suites, pool view suites and a penthouse. Several suites con also be converted from 2 up to 5 bedrooms, when families or friends like to stay together. And the pool is the longest on the whole island, ready for doing some of your sporty laps.


The garden villas have a total of 70 square meters. You can be there in the middle of the party scene but also feel like on a secluded island. This is just up to you! In addition there are a wellness spa, gym, Thai cooking classes and a beachfront massage pagoda.


My friend Pam and I enjoyed Nikki Beach very much.  And for the romantic souls of you: From your pool bed you can watch one of the best sunsets ever.


Nikki Beach Koh Samui: Not only a party location but certainly a great club to remember.

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    Erholung vom strengen Ayuveda.

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