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A present from India

I got a wonderful present from my Indian colleague Jagpreet. I found it on my desk when I returned from travelling. Very touching is the story behind it: „Those earrings I specially bought from a lady, who sell them handmade … Weiterlesen

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Kurz nachgebellt: My parcel from Ireland

Today at 7.30 am the postie man was ringing the bell and brought a huge parcel. I could not believe it, it was for me! From my dear Irish friend Ozkar and his Mum. Because my Mum went to work … Weiterlesen

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Trend des Tages – 18. Juli 2014

I believe it’s good to celebrate the past so we can appreciate our present and look forward to our future. Baltic Sea, Germany, July 2014

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Looking at things

„One’s destination is never a place, but rather a new way of looking at things.“ Henry Miller

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