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Thai Boxing: The Legacy of Muay Thai

I tried it for the first time 2 years ago in Bangkok with a personal trainer. And I liked it. And now I had the chance to do it again. It is becoming a bit of a ritual every time … Weiterlesen

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Memories and Spirit

„There is nothing more important than family, because family is with you always. Even when family passes away, they remain with you in your memories, spirit and in your life.“ Odette Pavlova, Russian Fashion Model

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Follow the sun

Happiness is that first Friday afternoon in July when the car seat on the way to the pool is too hot on the back of my bared legs. Where will summer take me? Will I haunt the ice cream parlours … Weiterlesen

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Happy Valentine’s Day

… to all the friends and followers of my Blog in Germany and around the world. Thanks for keeping up my spirit and enthusiasm! sl

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