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How important is personal style?

In an age where we are overexposed to a high turnover of trends and fast fashion I want more and more to elaborate my personal style that feels unique and authentic to me. I try not to buy into trends … Weiterlesen

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The story I want to tell …

I’m inspired by the 1970s, and I love to wear Vintage. I mix different styles like streetwear and hippie, pared back with my basics to unify my outfit. I care about what I wear because it is the first thing … Weiterlesen

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Something about Personality

… I was thinking of! There’s one piece of feedback that I’ve been receiving. I do consider it as a compliment for me because I’ve devoted a bit of time and energy to its development. Well, how can I say: It is … Weiterlesen

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Style is more than clothes

No, I do not have a certain style. I love to get inspiration from the street, from people I meet on my ways, their clothes and their looks. During my travels I find sometimes really nice things, like ethno pieces, … Weiterlesen

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