Childhood Moments

Sabine mit Blumen 001The delicate and magical moments of our childhood seemed to fly by too quickly.

I remember the feeling when I was about 3 and I blew a dandelion in the wind and saw the little fluff being carried away. I remember how I used to catch those little fluffs from the dandelions and make a wish? I remember going with my dolls in the stroller all over and acting like an adult. That’s the feeling I’m talking about that has been lost.

Lately I’ve been realizing that time has passed me by without even noticing. Feeling as though special instants of my life have seemed to escape me. There are so many lovely moments where I wish I could have just stopped time to breathe in the world around me without skipping ahead and looking for the next best thing.

We only get one shot at this life, so make it a good one. Do this for yourself, and no one else. Compliment someone and make his or her day. These are all small things you can do in a day to help someone through a tough day.

Just take the time to enjoy the moments, and really live them, not just pass through them to get to the next event in life.

Have a great start into this weekend!


Über sl4lifestyle

Journalistin aus Leidenschaft, Tierschützerin mit Hingabe und neugierig auf das Leben. Ich stelle Fragen. Ich suche Antworten. Und ab und zu möchte ich die Welt ein Stückweit besser machen ... Manchmal gelingt es!
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