Check in: Samahita Retreat, Ko Samui


I had to do something good for my body. And for my soul. And for my spirit. I remembered my wonderful stay at Samahita Retreat 2 years ago. I did a 7 days Detox treatment and it was so good. After I woke up every morning with a smile. Yes, it made me happy for a long time even after.

What is Detox? Is it just a state of mind or even more? Yes, it is more. Detoxing is a journey of self-discovery, releasing the old, calling in the new, and becoming more centered and aligned with your true self. Sounds pretty spiritual? No, it is not. But it could be.


Myself, I am not a very spiritual person. Not at all. But I know that Detox is good for my mind and my body. And that’s all what I have. I am sure that the process is a lifelong journey which has cumulative and deeper effects, every time you do it. I combined the retreat with yoga, meditation but also fitness, like power cycling and core workout.


„Detoxification is a process of removing toxins from the body. Toxins are any substance or material that do not support the body’s metabolic functioning. Using this definition, a toxin can be chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides, heavy metals such as lead and mercury, hormones, and even foods that the body does not recognize as food to digest and absorb properly. Over time, toxins build up in the body, and can disrupt its optimal functioning. And of course, your body can attract all kind of diseases.“


The Samahita Fitness Instructors: Sarah, Pernile, Katie and Sopanat.

Same as the last time I did sleep a lot during the first days. I was so tired and I had almost permanent headache and muscle ache. I knew I had to go through it. Not only the staff members and the physicians helped me to overcome it, but I was also on a special diet. My body got spoiled every day with massages and steam bath or infrared sauna. After the first 3 days I felt newborn. And the positive feelings are remaining …

Not to forget. I found new friends. And that is important: To have fellows who are also on Detox. Encouragement is so essential during these days. We were a group of wonderful women from all over the world. And we became friends. Friends with the same goal: Achieving a healthy body, mind and soul.


Whenever you need a rest: Just embark to Samahita Retreat and let the body and mind journey begin … Think about, the island of Ko Samui is just one step away!

„Go your own way. Light your own path. Be your own guide.“

During the next weeks I will introduce you to some inspiring people who work for you at Samahita retreat.

Every Monday, here at sl4lifestyle. Stay tuned!

In German language: Detox at Samahita. My article at Huffington Post Germany. Read here!

Samahita Retreat supported my stay. But my opinion is as always my own.

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