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Samahita Retreat: Axel de Boynes

„My job at Samahita is a chance of a lifetime. Everybody is cool here. It is a community with people from all over the world. We are all Yogis. When I wake up I do this with a smile. And … Weiterlesen

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Samahita Retreat: Sopanat

„We have a lot of thoughts constantly in our minds. Work, stress, daily life issues. With meditation you can release one by one. But you have to learn how to apply it. In our Buddhist world it is very important. … Weiterlesen

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Samahita Retreat: Sarah Pierroz

„I was working in Cairo and came to study yoga with a woman teaching out of her flat. I found that this started to help me feel more grounded amongst the beautiful chaos out on the streets and all the … Weiterlesen

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Check in: Samahita Retreat, Ko Samui

I had to do something good for my body. And for my soul. And for my spirit. I remembered my wonderful stay at Samahita Retreat 2 years ago. I did a 7 days Detox treatment and it was so good. … Weiterlesen

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Being successful – what does it mean?

I was travelling in Greece for some days. I met some interesting and inspiring blogger colleagues there. And I had time to think. About me and my work-life-balance. I admit I am quite happy with everything and how it works … Weiterlesen

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