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Get the Vibe: Gemma Healey, DJ, United Kingdom

Gemma is a UK DJ, based in Newquay, Cornwall Just listen and get the Vibe here! Gemma grew up in a small surf town with perfect beaches. Surfing was her first passion and she progressed to a fairly high standard … Weiterlesen

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Jubilee Pool, Penzance, Cornwall

Der Art Deco Pool in Penzance, Cornwall wurde im Mai 1935 eröffnet. Gestaltet wurde er von Captain F. Latham und galt schon damals als ein sehr außergewöhnliches Bad. Es wurde auf den Battery Rocks nahe des Hafens gebaut. Ein Reiseführer … Weiterlesen

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4 x Dogfriendly Cornwall

There is nothing quite like the unconditional love and joy of a dog brings, no matter what mood you are in. And there is the fine Cornish countryside and coast. Put the two together and you are in for a … Weiterlesen

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Surf the BREXIT away …

„One of my most memorable memories was having the ocean breeze in my face and feel the board under my body overlooking the waves. The sun was shining and I could have been anywhere in the world.“ I love to … Weiterlesen

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