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Mystic Waters

Distant peaks glow in the low evening light. A new sunrise is masked by a turbulent sky, deep purple crashes against angry blue, water pours from the heavens, the land hidden by the silvery veil. A dramatic landscape, delicate and … Weiterlesen

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13 Highlights of Valletta

1. Valletta´s old town A beautiful city with about 6.000 residents, the Maltese Capital is full of walkways and alleys separating buildings in the local architectural style, featuring colourful wooden balconies that create a certain atmosphere balanced between the tradition … Weiterlesen

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Travelling to the Island of Tabarca

Just holidays, unfolding the life in front of me. I decided to embark for a boat trip to a distant and unknown island. Yes, I enjoyed it so much. The island of Tabarca is a tiny archipelago consisting of 4 … Weiterlesen

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Lost in time

Sardinia, one year ago. It happened to me, it will happen to you. You will fall in love with this island, meet lovely souls, get lost in time, drown in its beauty and get stuck here for a while. When … Weiterlesen

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