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Samahita Retreat: Katie Parsons

„At Samahita I take care of detox, weight loss and de-stress programs. So many people come with different problems and conditions. It is so rewarding to see them before and after. Many times they are completely transformed. It is really … Weiterlesen

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Samahita Retreat: Axel de Boynes

„My job at Samahita is a chance of a lifetime. Everybody is cool here. It is a community with people from all over the world. We are all Yogis. When I wake up I do this with a smile. And … Weiterlesen

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„Travel. It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.“ Ibn Battuta

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13 Highlights of Valletta

1. Valletta´s old town A beautiful city with about 6.000 residents, the Maltese Capital is full of walkways and alleys separating buildings in the local architectural style, featuring colourful wooden balconies that create a certain atmosphere balanced between the tradition … Weiterlesen

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Once I was a diver

„I’m holding the float line and looking back at the tropical island. There’s a slight swell at the surface. I focus on my breath, relax and feel my heartbeat slow down in preparation. I tune out the distant engines of … Weiterlesen

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Kurz nachgebellt: Meine erste Pressereise

Hey Leute, Ihr dürft gespannt sein. Bald mehr von meiner Reise auf die holländische Insel Texel. Dabei waren ganz viele Hunde-Reporter! Euer Gaston Folks, stay tuned! Soon more about my first doggie press trip to the Dutch island of Texel. … Weiterlesen

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2 weeks off

I’m gonna take 2 weeks off work and travel to Barcelona and just explore, meet people, eat, drink, and have the most fun I possibly can during this time. Yes, I need it.

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